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Showcase teams up with the world’s best luxury brands to organise the most exclusive sample sales; online and throughout the United Kingdom. We offer a calendar of luxury sample sales for both keen shoppers and an ever-growing list of brands. You can keep up to date on our upcoming sales by subscribing to our mailing list.

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Samples Sales

what are they?

Brands manufacture excess stock to ensure they have enough coverage for press events, buyers, as well as the most popular lines available in their own stores. This means, even at the end of even a really successful season, they have lots of unsold amazing stock. Our brands are focused on sustainability and want to ensure their stock reaches loving owners. Sample sales are a safe space for brands to sell their stock at fantastic discounts.

Member Only Access

flexible membership options.

Showcase has worked with the world’s best brands for the best part of a decade. Our members-only approach allows us to offer an elevated shopping experience in-store and online with less queuing, less crowding and more liberty to shop effortlessly.

Becoming a member is easy and we offer three membership tiers, so our shoppers have access to the sales they want at times that suit them best. Upgrade to a Priority or VIP Membership for earlier access to our collections, as well as invitations to exclusive paid-member events.

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Sustainable Shopping

a 360 approach.

Sample sales offer a sustainable solution by embracing an approach that benefits both businesses and consumers. Showcase Sample Sales allow brands to efficiently clear excess inventory that might otherwise go unsold, minimising waste and reducing the environmental footprint associated with overproduction. By offering products at discounted prices, sample sales also provide consumers with access to quality items they might not have considered purchasing at full price, extending the lifecycle of these goods. This 360-degree approach promotes resourcefulness, aligning with sustainable practices while fostering a sense of community engagement.

Shop by Appointment Only

how it works.

All members have to book and select a timeslot to shop, both online and in-store. As Showcase offers tiered membership options, not all time slots will be available to each member.

You will have from the start time of your ticket to browse and checkout, so do give yourself plenty of time.

Showcase is a cashless store. We accept Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard and American Express at most events.

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